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Dockage Charges and Use

  1. All Vessels must be registered upon arrival and receive assignment to a berth or slip.
  2. Renter must provide a current federal documentation or state registration for all Vessels berthed in the Marina and be listed as a legal owner.
  3. Dockage charges will be calculated by multiplying the appropriate dockage rate by the measured length of the vessel or by the slip length, whichever is greater.
  4. Renter may not permit vessels owned by others in their Boat Slip.
  5. Boat Slip may not be transferred to the new owner of the Vessel registered in this Agreement.
  6. No Live Aboards are permitted, nor are any persons permitted to stay overnight on the vessel.
  7. Vessels berthed in the Marina and the boat slip occupied by the Vessel must be kept in a safe, clean and attractive condition.
  8. Repair and maintenance of dock facilities shall be performed by the Marina only. Alterations/additions to dock facilities must be approved by the Marina.
  9. The extent of Vessel repairs and maintenance at dockside is at the discretion of the Marina. Repair projects must be authorized by the Marina prior to starting the work and major repairs are not permitted. There shall be no engine replacement or painting of Vessels in the Marina.
  10. The Marina reserves the right to use any Boat Slip during the temporary absence of a Vessel without set off against or credit to Renter's Fee obligations under his or her Registration/Vessel Dockage Agreement.
  11. Vessel shall not be used for commercial purposes.
  12. Renter agrees to comply with City ordinances and State and Federal law and regulations concerning the stowage and disposal of human waste. All holding tank valves shall be set to direct wastewater into an on-board holding tank. The valve directing waste into the holding tank shall be secured to prevent over-board discharged into Marina waters.
  13. Transfer, changing, or moving of vessels between slips is not allowed except by prior written concurrence of Marina.
  14. Marina reserves the right to terminate any agreement for berthing facilities or require a vessel be moved without notice.
  15. Only pleasure Vessels, in good condition and seaworthy, and under their own power shall be admitted to berthing areas In the event of an emergency during the Renter's absence and should the dock master be aware of the same, i.e., breakdown of the bilge pump, leak, bad lines, etc., the dock master is authorized to make the necessary repairs. The Renter shall be charged and be responsible for paying for the cost of such repairs.
  16. All Renters or captains must contact Hidden Cove Marina office prior to arrival for registration and slip assignment.
  17. Renter's vessel shall be currently registered or documented, marked, and maintained as required by law and safe practices.
  18. Renter's vessel shall be subject to an initial and subsequent inspections by Marina or other appropriate agencies to ascertain the maintenance of proper health and safety conditions and appearance, including but not limited to: operational engines), size, condition, number and length of dock lines, cleats; adequate tendering to protect Marina's docks condition and appearance of exterior portion of vessel, odor: condition of bilges and bilge pumps), condition of fuel tanks, marina head facilities and plumbing, etc.
  19. All vessels must have adequate electrical or mechanical, permanently installed bilge pumps in constant state of readiness.  Switches should be labeled and placed where they can be readily seen, preferably near the helm.
  20. Marina will attempt to honor Renter's preference for slip assignment consistent with Marina's need to match vessels to slips of an appropriate size.  Renter agrees to move, at Marina's request, his/her other vessel to a slip with similar services.
  21. Renter leaving for an extended cruise (more than 72 hours) will so notify the Marina office. The Marina management reserves the right to rent all Boat Slips when so vacant without set off against or credit to Renter's Fee obligations under his or her Registration/Vessel Dockage Agreement.
  22. Renter or his/her representative remains responsible for the operation and berthing of his/her vessel within the approach channel and waters of the Marina. When Renter's vessel enters the Marina, it immediately comes under the jurisdiction of Marina and shall be berthed only where ordered. 
  23. Except in an emergency, when entering and leaving, the Renter's vessel must be under power only, not under sail or combined sail and power, and operated at speeds consistent with a designated "No Wake Zone." 
  24. Renter agrees to operate his vessel in waters of the Marina without creating a disturbing wake. Renter creating a disturbing wake is responsible for resulting injury to people and damage to other Vessels and Marina's docks and facilities.
  26. Small craft belonging to Renter's vessel and normally capable of stowage aboard are considered tenders or skiffs and shall be stored on board larger vessels when possible and in any event shall be secured within the dockage space of the assigned Boat Slip, but not on the dock or finger pier.



  1. All artificial noise making devices, including, but not limited to: bird callers, squawkers, and deterrents must be approved by the Marina. Marina may grant or deny in its sole and absolute discretion. If not approved, the artificial noise maker(s) must be removed or deactivated.
  2. Vessel Owners, their Crew and Guests are cautioned to be considerate of others. Behavior or conduct that the Marina in its sole and absolute discretion determines might injure another party, cause damage to property or disturb other Renter may lead to termination of this Agreement by the Marina.
  3. Renter and Renter's guest, for whom he/she is responsible, agrees to conduct him/herself at all times while at the Marina so as to create no annoyance, hazard or nuisance to the Marina or to other vessels or Marina patrons and guests.
  4. Renter and Renter's guest will keep noise to a minimum at all times, and will use discretion in operating engines, generators, radios and television sets. Power tools may be used only when such use does not constitute a nuisance. Any work or other activities that are a nuisance to others will not be permitted.
  5. Vessels shall conform to all federal and state regulations concerning Vessel safety devices and equipment.
  6. Notices or signs are not permitted to be displayed on Marina dock areas, buildings or grounds without marina approval.
  7. Renter is required to maintain mooring lines and bilge pumps in good working condition at all times. During Hurricane Season from June 1 to November 30 each year Renter shall take all necessary and prudent measures to prevent damage, which may include, but not be limited to, maintaining double mooring lines. In the event of a significant storm for which Renter has failed, in the Marina's reasonable judgment, to take reasonable safety precautions, the Marina  reserves the right, to be exercised in its sole and absolute discretion, to take reasonable safety precautions for the Vessel Owner. However, THE MARINA SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR THE EXERCISE OR NON-EXERCISE OF ITS OPTION OR ANY DAMAGES CAUSED THEREBY, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO DAMAGES CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE MARINA.
  8. Leash law applies to all Marina docks and upland areas. Pets are permitted at the Marina only if they are not a nuisance. Renter is responsible for actions of their pets. Renter's Vessel Dockage Agreement may be terminated by Marina if Renter's pet, or the pet of Renter's guest, creates a nuisance. Examples of nuisance behavior include but are not limited to: toileting on Marina property or on the property of others, (unless Renter removes all traces of waste material and disposes of them in a closed container placed in a trash receptacle); noise, threatening demeanor, running at large (not on a leash). Pets may not be tied on docks, walks or land.
  9. Rigging shall be secured to prevent undue noise.
  10. Renter agrees to hang no laundry, towels, bathing suits or other items above decks on his/her vessel or on docks and finger piers of Marina.
  11. Firearms, loaded or unloaded, will not be displayed topside or on Marina property.
  12. Bicycle, motorcycles, motor bike, moped and motor scooter riding, skating and skateboarding on the docks is prohibited. Motorcycles motorbikes, mopeds and motor scooters may not be stored on the docks.
  13. Possession of contraband and prohibited items are substances, including but not limited to illegal drugs and narcotics, unlicensed weapons which require a license, unlawful weapons and loaded firearms is prohibited. Marina has a policy of cooperation with local, state and federal agencies, including the U.S. Coast Guard in the execution of its "Zero Tolerance" responsibilities and will grant such agencies access to the facilities of the Marina for lawful pursuit of their enforcement responsibilities. The arrest of Renter or Renter's guest or crew by any agency for a suspected offense covered by this provision may result in termination of the Registration/Vessel Dockage Agreement prior to final legal disposition.


Contractors & Brokerage

  1. Renter agrees to only use contractors, brokers, or service personnel who register at the Marina Office and produce proof of insurance ($1M commercial liability) and professional business license prior to working on any vessel in the marina.
  2. "For Sale" signs are limited to 3 per vessel and must be approved by Dockmaster. Signs are limited to 18" X 24" in size and must be fastened to vessel. No signs are permitted to be displayed on the dock, pier, dock box, pedestal, or other dock fixtures. Prospective buyers are guests of the marina and must be accompanied by Renter or registered contractor/broker.

Fires, Fueling, & Dangerous Conditions

  1. The use of charcoal burners, gas welders, gas torches or any open flame-producing equipment is prohibited. Cooking aboard vessel is permitted if alcohol, electric, propane or CNG gas stoves are used, unless otherwise prohibited by such authority as fire regulations or the U.S. Coast Guard.
  2. The fueling of vessels is not permitted at the Marina docks except by preapproved fuel suppliers.


  1. Renter agrees to have his/her vessel insured by liability insurance and to be held responsible for damage caused to other vessels in the marina or to the structures thereof. Marina shall be listed on the insurance policy as "additional insured." Marina assumes no responsibility for the safety of any vessel docked at the marina and will not be liable for fire, theft, or damage to said vessel, its equipment, or any property in or on said vessel, however rising. Renter acknowledges that he/she has been advised that the Marina makes no representation or warranty offers Renter or Vessel Renter's vessel a safe berth, or that Marina offers the safest available refuge. Renter and his/her vessel are fully responsible for all of the consequences of the vessel's continuing presence in the Marina as set forth in this Agreement. RENTER AGREES TO HOLD MARINA HARMLESS IN THE EVENT CLAIMS FOR DAMAGE TO OTHER PERSONS OR PROPERTY ARISE FROM THE PRESENCE OF RENTER'S VESSEL IN MARINA. Renter has produced evidence of or has covenanted and agreed that he/she has in full force and effect, and Marina has relied upon.
  2. The Marina's Liability Insurance Policy requires all contractors working on Vessels at these facilities to be licensed and properly insured. Renter is not permitted to provide access to private contractors that do not meet these requirements.


  1. All motor vehicles parked in Marina lots must meet current State Motor Vehicle registration requirements, present a good appearance, and be in serviceable condition. This Agreement confers no right to park motor homes, travel trailers, Vessels, water-sports equipment, and Vessel trailers on Marina property.
  2. Renter is allowed to use only one parking space at the Marina parking lot.


Storage on Docks

  1. Renter will not place dinghies, small craft, supplies, materials, accessories or debris on walkways or finger piers, and will not construct thereon any locker, chest cabinets or similar structures. Boarding steps approved by Marina may be placed on the dock finger pier adjacent to Renter's vessel in a manner that will not impede use of the finger pier by others. In no case will Renter or Renter's contractor store containers of gasoline, diesel fuel or other petroleum products or hazardous materials on docks or in dock boxes. Such materials, if found unattended, may be removed and disposed of by the Marina at Renter's expense.
  2. Dock boxes shall be furnished by the Marina, and Renter shall not be permitted to install or retain their own unless written permission is given by the Marina.


  1. Dockage fees and electrical and other services fees shall be paid in advance.
  2. Renter will contract directly with electric utility provider and remit payment directly to such provider.
  3. UL-approved cords required. Renter will connect to Marina power outlets only with serviceable, UL-approved power cords designed specifically for marine use and rated for the electrical service to which connected. The Marina will remove any unauthorized or unserviceable power cords, and Marina will not be responsible for any consequences of such removal. Plugs must have integral weatherproof covers in serviceable condition.
  4. Alteration of electric supply system prohibited. No addition, alteration or modification shall be made to the electrical supply system. Marina shall not be responsible for electrical interruption or power surges, or the results or damage there from.
  5. Renter must use marine grade shore power cords for electrical service connections at Marina utility centers. Both water hoses and power cords shall not run across Marina dock areas.


  1. Marina provides access to fresh water but prohibits use of fresh water to cool air-conditioners and other equipment or to cool the skin of the vessel.
  2. Renter agrees to disconnect all water hoses when he/she will be absent from the Vessel. Marina may disconnect Renter's water hose at the dock in Renter's absence and Marina will not be responsible for any consequences of such action.
  3. Renter agrees to use a shut-off nozzle to conserve water when washing his/her vessel.
  4. Renter's vessel must have adequate and permanently installed electrical or mechanical bilge pumps in a constant state of readiness and in good working order. Electrical bilge pumps operated by power from Marina must also be connected to a charged and functional DC storage battery system to provide emergency power in case of shore-power failure. Marina is not responsible for damages or loss resulting from power failure.

Waste Disposal
  1. Renter will ensure that all trash and garbage is placed into receptacles provided.
  2. The use of soaps or dispersants to emulsify any petroleum discharge is unlawful.
  3. Charges associated with damage and prevention of damage caused by a discharge, and with cleaning up and disposing of contaminated materials following such discharge, will be billed to Renter if Renter's vessel or action caused or may cause contamination of Marina waters or the waters of the State beyond or inside the confines of the Marina.
  4. Fish must be cleaned at appropriate cleaning stations with remains disposed of properly in the dumpster in the outer parking lot.
  5. Renter is responsible for proper disposal of gasoline or gasoline contaminated bilge water and other hazardous materials and agrees not to place them in the Marina trash containers.
  6. The discharge of raw sewage and any other water contaminated by oil, fuel or other regulated materials is prohibited and Renter shall be liable for any such discharge. All permanently installed sewage systems must meet current federal and state regulations or must be locked off while the vessel is docked. Renter must place all trash and garbage in the commercial containers located at the Marina.

  1. Violations of the above Rules and Regulations, disorder, degradation or indecorous conduct by Vessel Owner, his/her crew, agents or guest that might annoy or injure others persons or cause damage to property shall be cause for immediate removal of the vessel in question and termination of the Agreement at the discretion of the Club.
  2. Violations of any City, County, State or Federal laws shall be cause for termination of any agreement immediately and cause exclusion of Renter and his/her vessel from the Marina.